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Spring is here. The Board of Directors had a meeting in late November and a few decisions were made for the 2017 season. The Parade theme being one of them. There are more final details to be worked out regarding Wednesday donuts and dinners, concerts, so stay tuned. look for the President's mailing in the Spring, for all the latest information, and also check back here. We have kept some of the items from 2016 below, for your information. We have made some structural and style changes to this website which we hope you fine helpful.

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! Thanks to Lisa Jesmain and Steve Seabury, there is a link to this year's Valentines Day Annual Higgins Beach Flower Show. This year it is in a youtube video. The link is in the right sidebar. Enjoy it from Lisa and Steve. You can skip the preceding ad in a few seconds. There are more pictures of flowers and the latest Blizzard pictures on their website Higgins Beach Properties.

The 2017 preliminary calendar of events is now on the Events page. The first event of the 2017 season is the "Silent Auction & Hors D'oeuvres" on Saturday June 10th at 5:30PM. Up for auction this year besides all the many wonderful items, are two tickets to any Red Sox game this year (except Opening Day and any Yankee game). If you are coming to the event, call Sue Naiden, or get someone to put a bid in for you. The proceeds from the auction go to a Scarborough Charity.

In December we added news on the Civic Committee's meeting with the Town and police on the effectiveness of the various ordinances regarding Higgins Beach. Also, the Town's Zoning Repair effort received an award. Those stories are below.

Latest News

Special Meeting at the Clubhouse - June 11, 2017

Higgins Beach Character Code -1 Year Audit

The Higgins Beach Character Zoning has been in place for about a year. The Town’s Long Range Planning Committee recently conducted a review of permitting and construction activity in the Higgins Beach community since implementation of the new code. On April 6, four members of the Higgins Beach Civic Committee ( Sue Naiden, Ed Blaise, Melissa Carifio and Glennis Chabot) and HBA President Roger Chabot met with Town Councilor Bill Donovan and Town Planning and Code Enforcement officers Dan Bacon, Brian Longstaff and Jay Chace.
The conversation focused largely on the review and comments from the Town's Long Range Planning Committee . The positives included reduced need for owners to go through the Zoning Board of Appeals, new construction that is closer to the street and more in keeping with the historical placement of houses, and the ability of owners to build houses with more living space. Areas that may require tweaks included building height, the number of rooflines on homes and the difficulty of applying the ordinance to existing non-conforming homes.
In an effort to include the Higgins Beach Community in the audit, a drop-in session with the Planning Department has been scheduled for Sunday, June 11 from 10 AM - 1PM at the clubhouse. This will provide an opportunity for home owners to offer feedback and ask questions.
Additional information from the Town will be sent to all Higgins Beach homeowners prior to June 11th.

Article on the surge of new apartment housing in Scarborough

There is an article from the Portland paper on the surge in new apartment housing in Scarborough. Read the article on the Civic page.

Meeting with Town and Police on the 2016 Season

The HBA Civic Committee recently met with the Town manager and the Police to review 2016. Those results are on the Civic Page.

Higgins Beach Zoning Repair Wins Award

This story was taken from the Town of Scarborough Newsletter and is on the Beach page.

Higgins Beach Zoning Repair

ARCH Daily, the world's most visited architectural website, has published an article titled "How to Foster Civic Engagement in the Age of Twitter". The article describes the process used by the Town and its consultants in coming up with a set of zoning rules specifically for Higgins Beach. Those of us who participated will recognize some of the elements of the process. The article describes other communities around the country following the same process. You can read the article HERE.

Fourth of July Parade

The theme for the 2017 Parade is "Simple Red, White, and Blue".

Special Meeting June 11

Higgins Beach Character Code Audit
June 11, 2017 10:00AM-1:00PM
At the Clubhouse

Clubhouse Use For Members Only

clubhouse Mid-May to Mid-Oct
Contact Sue Naiden for Details

Volunteers Needed

There are many activities that the HBA organizes for our members. Most of the time it is the same people doing all the work. If you would like to help at any of our activities, contact a Board member or email us.

Want to be a Board Member

Contact Barbara Bombaci, Nominating Committee Chairperson. Each year three positions become open. See the By-Laws for more information and deadlines.

The Talking Car

Barbara O'Brien

A Higgins Beach Icon for decades. Watch a 2016 TV special by WGME HERE

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Protect the Safety of our Beach
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