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Welcome to the Higgins Beach Association


The 2019 season has ended. There are no more events on the schedule.

Check back here occasionaly to see if any item of importance is posted.

It takes a lot of effort by our member volunteers to plan and organize these activities. We thank all those who have participated this year in helping where ever they could, it was very appreciated. We look forward to more people helping next year.

Latest News

Long Time HBA Member Celebrates Her 102nd Birthday

Anna Pietz of Houghton St celebrated her 102nd birthday on September 30. A small party was held at Piper Shores attended by her friends from the Beach. Anna Pietz

Harvest Supper

The Harvest Supper, the last event of the season, was held last week. As usual members brought their best pot luck servings. The event was hosted by Lisa Jesmain and her crew. Photos are on the Gallery page.

Pumpkin Decorating

Pumpkin decorating was held a week ago. Members decorated personal pumpkins and those used as centerpieces for the Harvest Supper. This annual event was hosted by Kathy Mercier and Faye Blaise. Photos are on the Gallery page.

Annual Meeting Summary

The Annual Meeting was held on Friday August 30 at 7:00PM. The three nominees for Board positions were approved unanimously. They are incumbents, Barbara O'Brien and Tom Ferrucci, and Glennis Chabot. After the meeting, the Board met and selected the officers for the next year. President is Glennis Chabot, Vice President is sue Naiden, Secretary is Ceile Day, Treasurer is Allen Dillaire.

Roger Chabot who served on the Board for 12 years and President for 10 years is resigning. We thank him for his years of service to the Association and to the Higgins Beach Community. Like some of our other former Board members, he will still be around and active in various activities.

There was a lot of discussion on the town's reassessment of Higgins Beach, especially the land values. The town is revisiting this and new values should be on the town's website by Tuesday September 3rd. The land value for all Higgins Beach should go down about 10%, but individual properties may go down more or less than that. It was recommended that tax bills be paid on time and if there are adjustments to be made the town will adjust the bills in the spring.

Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting will be held on Friday August 30 at 7:00PM. There are three Board positions open and the nominating committee has identifed three candidates. Two are incumbents and one is new. The incumbents are Barbara O'Brien and Tom Ferrucci. The new candidate is Glennis Chabot. Roger Chabot who served on the Board for 12 years and President for 10 years is resigning. We thank him for his years of service to the Association and to the Higgins Beach Community. Like some of our other former Board members, he will still be around and active in various activities.

Appetizer Social

There has been a bit of confusion why, and dismay, that the appetizer social was cancelled. In the Spring letter, it was stated that the Appetizer Social was a free event, but you still had to get a ticket so that we would know how many were coming to this new event. Very few people (~15) requested a ticket. So it was assumed that there was very little interest in this new activity. Therefore it was decided to cancel it. We will try and schedule this event again next year, with no constraints, and see how it will be received.

HBA Open Golf Results

The 2019 HBA Open Golf tournament is now in the history books. Team USA beat Team Canada. For complete results click on

Craft Fair

The Annual Higgins Beach Craft Fair and Bake Sale is running on August 9 and 10. There are over 30 vendors with their unique arts and crafts. There are pictures of some of this years displays on the Gallery Page.

Jimmy Macisso Band Entertains on the Lawn

The second concert of the season was held Thursday evening before a crowd of about a hundred. The evening was comfortable, compared to the hot and humid weather a day before and forecast of more hot humid weather to come. The Jimmy Macisso Band with former Miss Maine, Susie Pepper, and keyboard player Carmine Terracciano opened the evening with some mellow tunes. Then Jimmy's brother Tommy "Johnny Cash" Micisso entertained the audience with Johnny Cash songs. The free concert was enjoyed by all. Pictures of this event are on the Gallery Page.

Higgins Beach Merchandise


Last year we had a Tee Shirt Design contest. Thank you for your t-shirt design entries. We were overwhelmed with the imagination and creativity in the designs we received! Overall, 35 designs were submitted by 14 people. We wish we could have used them all; but, working with our t-shirt vendor, we had to narrow down our choice to a couple that we thought translated best onto the shirts. We selected 3 designs. The winners were:

Margie Burke for her Higgins Beach signpost design

Marty Knuth and Matthew Gwyer combined for the wave and rock design

Bob Townsend for the HB207 oval design

Thanks to all who submitted designs.

Below or on the right sidebar is a link to all the merchandise available this year, including the winning designs. Thanks to Lynn Shryock and her team for all their hard work in creating, ordering, inventoring, and displaying the merchandise at the weekly donut breakfasts and the ice cream socials, and for coming up with the idea for a tee shirt design contest.

July Fourth Festivities

The 4th of July 2019 Parade was a success. Thanks to all the parade marchers who entertained the people along the parade route. We want to thank the volunteers who do the heavy lifting to make the Parade a fun experience for everyone. Special thanks go to Barbara O'Brien, Phil Conley and his food crew, the registrars Kathy Mercier and Karen Haskell, the judges Alyson Bristol, Margie Burke, Larry and Cathy Cain. I personally want to thank the Volunteers who helped setup the lawn for the parade and cookout, and cleaned up after the parade. Thank you for all your work. The parade stepped off promptly at 4:00PM with two motorcycle police, Scarborough's antique fire engine and two current fire engines leading the way. This was followed by all the parade marchers and floats. Then it was time for hotdogs and hamburgers at the cookout, followed by the awards. Photos are on the Gallery page. Results of the judging are

Don Campbell Concert


What a wonderful way to start off the month of July, with a Don Campbell concert. The evening turned out clear and cool as about a hundred people sat on lawn chairs or blankets on the clubhouse lawn. The Trio entertained with mellow music from many different artists. The Don Campbell concert is always a fan favorite with both the young and the old at Higgins Beach. Photos are on the Gallery page.

Welcome Back Pot Luck Supper


The annual Pot Luck Supper for members was held Saturday evening. Thanks to Lisa Jesmain and Steve Seabury and their team for organizing the event. The calendar says summer is here, but because of the awful weather, everyone asked when will it really arrive. Photos are on the Gallery page.

Doughnut Breakfast


You know summer has arrived when the "doughnut breakfast" sign is displayed outside the clubhouse. Yesterday marked the first doughnuts of the season. One of our members rose early (time to get the doughnuts) and arrived at the Cookie Jar in Cape Elizabeth at 6:00AM to pick up dozens of the delicious doughnuts. Maura Gwyer, doughnut breakfast organizer, had the coffee ready, and the crew from Cliff Street served up coffee and doughnuts at 9:00 AM when the doors opened. So now that summer is officially here let's hope the weather cooperates.

HBA Book Club


All are welcome to attend the first meeting of the season on Wednesday June 12 at 10:00 am. Meeting location is Barbara Bombaci's house at 22 Bayview Ave. The book to be discussed is "Unsheltered" by Barbara Kingsolver.

Usually meetings are held every three weeks at someone's home. Check back here for future dates and meeting locations or call Barbara at 207-883-2060.

Higgins Beach Shoreline Changes Continue


Vin Bombaci sent along some photos of the erosion from the November 27th storm. The erosion was significant along the dunes between Pearl and Ashton Streets. The narrow strip of dunes are completely gone. Will the sand return? This result complements the article below on the shoreline changes.

The Shows the erosion in front of Vin's house almost out to the street, leaving just rocks showing.

The shows the battered snow fence that protected the dunes.

The shows the long view from one end of the dunes to where the Silver Sands used to be.

Higgins Beach Shoreline Changes


Peter Slovinsky, Marine Geologist, Maine Geological Survey, Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry earlier this summer sent results of a two year comparison of the mean high water line and vegetation line to one of our members. We are sharing this information. Peter's analysis shows 5 figures which use 2012 base aerial imagery and show the comparative shoreline positions. The is an overview of the entire beach.

The following figures show specific areas of the beach. .

The symbology of the MHW (blue lines, either solid or dashed) and VEG lines (black lines, either solid or dashed) is consistent throughout the figures.

It is clear that the majority of the beach along Higgins eroded substantially and deepened (hence movement of the MHW in a landward direction). This resulted in the MHW being in contact with an approximate additional 170 feet of seawall in June 2018 vs. June 2017. A “nodal point” exists, roughly where the seawalls along Higgins Beach end and the natural dune begins – here, the signal of beach erosion changed, and the beach grew substantially. It appears that sediment moved from in front of the walls to closer to the Spurwink River.

Where dune vegetation existed, about 10-15 feet was lost, depending on location, except for closer to the Spurwink, where the dunes were either stable or grew slightly.

Beaches, Sand, and Sand Cycling

Peter Naiden, a long-time resident of the Higgins Beach community and an adjunct faculty member at the University of Maine/Augusta and in the Marine Science Department at Southern Maine Community College, gave an interesting, informative, educational, and scientific presentation this past Friday evening to about 50 people at the Clubhouse. He described the macro parts of a beach, from backshore; including upland, lagoon and dune field, to foreshore; including the frontal dune, aeolian ramp, berm, berm crest, wrackline, to offshore; including the beach face, runnels, longshore trough, longshore bar. He explained how each beach has its own type of sand and can only be replaced with that type of sand. Higgins beach has fine sand and is different from Pine Point which has a medium sand. He also shared his experiment where he weighed 2 kilograms of seaweed and discovered that it contained 40% sand. Seaweed is important for the health of the beach. Peter's opinion is that we should never remove seaweed form any beach. Some beaches bury or "trench" seaweed under the sand rather than remove it. He also shared some data on the sand cycling history at Higgins. From 1985 to 2000, there was a deficit, from 2002 to 2010, there was a surplus, and since 2010, there has been fluctuations between deficit and surplus. It is a new trend that we don't understand yet. Peter could have gone on for hours, but had to cut it off after 90 minutes. Peter also had samples of sand and local seaweed setup on tables. If anyone is interested in learning more about this subject, they can contact Peter at 239-6421. Photos of the event are on the gallery page.

Scarborough Comprehensive Plan

If anyone missed the meetings at Town Hall on the comprehensive plan, it is running on the local cable station. You can download your own copy of the plan by visiting https://www.scarboroughengaged.org/ . It is a lot to digest and the Civic Committee will be providing more information for us.

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Volunteers Needed

There are many activities that the HBA organizes for our members. Most of the time it is the same people doing all the work. If you would like to help at any of our activities, contact a Board member or email us.

Want to be a Board Member

Contact Barbara Bombaci, Nominating Committee Chairperson. Each year three positions become open. See the By-Laws for more information and deadlines.

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