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Welcome to the Higgins Beach Association


The 2018 season is over.

We had our last event Saturday evening, the Harvest Supper. As usual members brought delicious salads, entrees and desserts. It was a fun way to say good bye to the 2018 season. We hope you enjoyed all the events we had this year. The board of Directors will be working on the 2019 season shortly. We will inform you of events as we decide on dates for next year. Check back here occasionally for any updates we might have. We will leave up the information here until January when we will begin to bring the 2019 season into focus.

Enjoy the fall, winter and spring seasons and see you in the summer of 2019.

Latest News

Higgins Beach Shoreline Changes Continue


Vin Bombaci sent along some photos of the erosion from the November 27th storm. The erosion was significant along the dunes between Pearl and Ashton Streets. The narrow strip of dunes are completely gone. Will the sand return? This result complements the article below on the shoreline changes.

The Shows the erosion in front of Vin's house almost out to the street, leaving just rocks showing.

The shows the battered snow fence that protected the dunes.

The shows the long view from one end of the dunes to where the Silver Sands used to be.

2018 Weekly Bridge Results


Bridge (Chicago scoring) was played at the Clubhouse every Monday in July through September. It was spirited, fun and, for other than first place, incredibly close. We had twelve regulars, plus six others. They scored an incredible total of 322,480 points. David Vaillancourt won by scoring 34,430 points. Sharon Murphy became runner-up on the last hand of the year by 110 points over Carmel Vaillancourt. Going into the last four hands, four people had a reasonable chance to finish second. The entire competition was close until the very end.

We hope next year we have even more players. Occasionally, there is a short lesson on a variety of bridge topics at 12:30, for those who wish to take advantage of them. Games begin at 1:00 pm on Mondays, and go until about 3:00 pm, or a little later. Everyone is welcome, but only HBA members are eligible for a prize. So – Join! Play! Enjoy!

Higgins Beach Shoreline Changes


Peter Slovinsky, Marine Geologist, Maine Geological Survey, Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry earlier this summer sent results of a two year comparison of the mean high water line and vegetation line to one of our members. We are sharing this information. Peter's analysis shows 5 figures which use 2012 base aerial imagery and show the comparative shoreline positions. The is an overview of the entire beach.

The following figures show specific areas of the beach. . The symbology of the MHW (blue lines, either solid or dashed) and VEG lines (black lines, either solid or dashed) is consistent throughout the figures.

It is clear that the majority of the beach along Higgins eroded substantially and deepened (hence movement of the MHW in a landward direction). This resulted in the MHW being in contact with an approximate additional 170 feet of seawall in June 2018 vs. June 2017. A “nodal point” exists, roughly where the seawalls along Higgins Beach end and the natural dune begins – here, the signal of beach erosion changed, and the beach grew substantially. It appears that sediment moved from in front of the walls to closer to the Spurwink River.

Where dune vegetation existed, about 10-15 feet was lost, depending on location, except for closer to the Spurwink, where the dunes were either stable or grew slightly.

Pumpkin Decorating

About two dozen members showed up Thursday morning to paint and decorate pumpkins for the Halloween season. This annual event brings out the creative talents of some very special people. Coffee and refreshments were available to the busy decorators. Photos of some of the pumpkins which will be centerpieces at the Saturday night Harvest Supper are on the Gallery Page.

Beaches, Sand, and Sand Cycling

Peter Naiden, a long-time resident of the Higgins Beach community and an adjunct faculty member at the University of Maine/Augusta and in the Marine Science Department at Southern Maine Community College, gave an interesting, informative, educational, and scientific presentation this past Friday evening to about 50 people at the Clubhouse. He described the macro parts of a beach, from backshore; including upland, lagoon and dune field, to foreshore; including the frontal dune, aeolian ramp, berm, berm crest, wrackline, to offshore; including the beach face, runnels, longshore trough, longshore bar. He explained how each beach has its own type of sand and can only be replaced with that type of sand. Higgins beach has fine sand and is different from Pine Point which has a medium sand. He also shared his experiment where he weighed 2 kilograms of seaweed and discovered that it contained 40% sand. Seaweed is important for the health of the beach. Peter's opinion is that we should never remove seaweed form any beach. Some beaches bury or "trench" seaweed under the sand rather than remove it. He also shared some data on the sand cycling history at Higgins. From 1985 to 2000, there was a deficit, from 2002 to 2010, there was a surplus, and since 2010, there has been fluctuations between deficit and surplus. It is a new trend that we don't understand yet. Peter could have gone on for hours, but had to cut it off after 90 minutes. Peter also had samples of sand and local seaweed setup on tables. If anyone is interested in learning more about this subject, they can contact Peter at 239-6421. Photos of the event are on the gallery page.

Annual Meeting

The HBA Annual Meeting was held Friday night. The Secretary's minutes and the Treasurer's report were read and accepted. Elections for three Board positions were held. Terry Cain, Ceile Day, and Peter Rabbitt were elected to a three year term on the Board. The Board then met to elect the officers for the next year. Roger Chabot was elected President, Sue Naiden was elected Vice President, Ceile Day was elected Secretary, and Allen Dillaire is Treasurer.

Scarborough Comprehensive Plan

If anyone missed the meetings at Town Hall on the comprehensive plan, it is running on the local cable station. You can download your own copy of the plan by visiting https://www.scarboroughengaged.org/ . It is a lot to digest and the Civic Committee will be providing more information for us.

Book Club


The Higgins Beach book club held their third meeting of the summer on August 13 at Susan Thompson's home. Having read "When We Were the Kennedys" by Monica Wood, we were delighted to have the author visit our meeting. She shared her experience writing this memoir about growing up in Mexico, Maine, the death of her father when she was in fourth grade, and life in a mill town during labor unrest.

One of Maine's prominent authors. Monica is now writing plays and has connected with Portland Stage where her plays have been performed. She is currently writing a new play titled The Half-Light, which will be premiering at Portland Stage Company in February.

The Higgins Beach Book Club has held meetings every three weeks beginning in June and ending in September. Thanks to the ladies who have hosted meetings and to Barbara Bombacci for coordinating the book club. Pictures of this event are on the Gallery Page.

HBA Open Golf Results

The 2018 HBA Open Golf tournament is now in the history books. Team USA tied Team Canada. For complete results click on

Craft Fair

The Craft Fair and Bake Sale was a two day annual event. There were about 30 vendors with exceptional crafts for sale. If you missed the event and want more information about any of the vendors, contact Faye Blaise at 207-885-5087. Pictures of this event are on the Gallery Page.

Evening of Poetry


Poetry lovers attended an Evening of Poetry with longtime Higgins Beach property owner and poet David McCann. David read poems from his books, a few in korean, and even sang a song with his ukulele. The attendees loved his relaxing style and inspiring poetry. One of his poems was about an old man who biked to the seashore to feed the seagulls. We recognized the old man in the poem as the late Bill Rodimon of Forest St. who would occasionally feed the gulls old bread. David is willing to have another session and even a workshop to help aspiring poets write poetry. If anyone is interested, contact Peter Rabbitt 207-883-6536.

David will be at the Scarborough Library on Tuesday August 21 from 6:30 - 8:00PM conducting a Sijo Poetry Reading and Workshop.

Encore Prsentation - "Beaches, Sand, and Sand Cycling"


At the organizational meeting in June, an educational program titled "Beaches, Sand, and Sand Cycling" was presented by Peter Naiden, a long-time resident of the Higgins Beach community and an adjunct faculty member at the University of Maine/Augusta and in the Marine Science Department at Southern Maine Community College.

The program focused on the character of a beach, how beach sand cycles throughout each season, how the beach profile changes with each decade, how sand and seaweed are connected, and how human behavior influences the amount of sand on a beach.

Two scientific posters and many sand samples were integrated into the talk. The posters were based upon research and observations at Higgins Beach during the Summer of 2017.

Because of much interest and many requests, Peter will continue the talk with diagrams and slides on Friday night, September 7th at 7 pm at the Clubhouse. All are invited to attend.

Ice Cream Social

The second Ice Cream Social of the season was held Sunday. Young and old attended enjoying ice cream with hot chocolate or butterscotch sauce and lots of toppings. A big thanks to the volunteers who setup, served, and cleaned up after the event. Feedback from those who came for a sundae was positive. There is one more Sunday Sundae on August 19. Don't miss it. Pictures of this event are on the Gallery Page.

Jimmy Macisso Band entertains on the Lawn

The second concert of the season was held Thursday evening. It was the first time in four years that it was held outdoors, due to weather the previous times. The evening was unusually cool, but enjoyable. The Jimmy Macisso Band with former Miss Maine, Susie Pepper, and John Hoekstra opened the evening with some mellow tunes. Then Jimmy's brother Tommy "Johnny Cash" Micisso entertained the audience with Johnny Cash songs. The Seventy Five minute free concert was enjoyed by all. Pictures of this event are on the Gallery Page.

July Fourth Festivities

The 4th of July 2018 was hot and humid. The day started off with the doughnut breakfast. We went through 26 dozen doughnuts and everyone had one. The line was long, but the wait was worth the taste of a Cookie Jar doughnut. After that, volunteers setup the lawn for the parade and cookout. Thank you for all those volunteers. Then everyone went to the beach and judging from all the people in the water, the water must have warmed up from the mid 50's in June. Then promptly at 4:00PM the parade stepped off with two motorcycle police and two fire engines from Scarborough leading the way, followed by Scarborough's antique fire engine. This was followed by all the parade marchers and finally the floats. Then it was time for hotdogs and hamburgers at the cookout followed by the awards. We all need to be thankful to all the volunteers who give up some of their time on the holiday so that all of us on Higgins Beach could enjoy a fun July 4th. Remember without volunteers, we don't have events. Photos are on the Gallery page. Results of the judging are

Don Campbell Concert


What a wonderful way to kick off the July 4th festivities with a Don Campbell concert. The evening was beautiful as several hundred people sat on lawn chairs or blankets on the clubhouse lawn. The Trio entertained with mellow music from many different artists. The Don Campbell concert is always a fan favorite at Higgins Beach. Photos are on the Gallery page.

Organizational Meeting


The annual Organizational Meeting was held on the last Friday in June as required by the By-Laws. Peter Naiden gave a talk on beaches, explaining how the sand is unique to different beaches. He had data showing how the erosion/replenishment of sand cycles on Higgins Beach is changing more frequently in the current decade. Prior decades showed a gradual erosion and then a gradual replenishment of the beach sand. He also pointed out that a beach is more than just sand or rocks, and tides, but has a social impact as well as we all can remember wonderful and fun times going to beach, especially our Higgins Beach. The meeting concluded with refreshments from Tony's.

Welcome Back Pot Luck Supper


The annual Pot Luck Supper for members was held Saturday evening. The weather was cool and damp, but the atmosphere inside the clubhouse was warm and friendly. Before dinner, Roger Chabot presented Steffi Cox a check for over $2,000 for Project GRACE. The money was raised at the Silent Auction held earlier (see below). Thanks to Lisa Jesmain and Steve Seabury and their team for organizing the event. Photos are on the Gallery page.

First Doughnut Breakfast of 2018


The first doughnut breakfast of the season was held this past Wednesday. Doughnuts were procured from The Cookie Jar in Cape Elizabeth. A good portion of the doughnut lovers brought their own coffee mug. On display were this year's merchandise for sale, by Lynn Shryock and her team. Photos of the merchandise are on the Gallery page.

Holiday Celebration


Tuesday July 3rd, Don Campbell will entertain us with a concert on the lawn starting at 7:00PM. Then on Wednesday July 4th, start the day with a donut breakfast at the Clubhouse. Finally, at 4:00PM, the Parade, followed by a cookout and awards.

Volunteers are needed after the breakfast to set up for and then to clean up after the cookout. We also need 3 or 4 people to be judges for the parade, no experience necessary. Contact Peter Rabbitt - 207-883-6536

16 Piping Plovers at Higgins!


We have had 5 Piping Plover nests so far this summer with three nests each hatching 4 chicks. One of the five nests was abandoned after incubating the eggs for two weeks and the fifth nest was too close to the ocean and was washed away with the 11.7 foot June tide. Four of the hatched chicks disappeared one night and the thinking is that it was most likely a fox. All the Least Tern eggs were also lost that same night.

There are now 4 chicks who are two weeks old and another 4 who hatched on June 14th right before the high tide that overwashed the fifth nest.

Presently there are 8 chicks, who are unable to fly, and 8 adult Piping Plovers on the beach as of Sunday June 17th.

Piping Plover Beach Monitor volunteers are needed to cover some evening shifts at Higgins. For more information or if interested in volunteering contact Glennis Chabot at glennischabot@gmail.com

Higgins Beach Association Merchandise


Higgins Beach Association T-Shirt Design Contest

Welcome to summer at Higgins Beach! And it would hardly be summer without Higgins Beach attire and paraphernalia!

Two exciting announcements:

1. “Shopping” Hours: As in prior years, the Higgins Beach Association table will open starting at the June 20th Wednesday breakfast, and will continue through the summer at each Wednesday breakfast, each Sunday evening icecream social, and at the August craft fair.

2. 2018 T-shirt Design Contest: Calling on all Higgins Beachers with active imaginations! We invite you to create a Higgins Beach t-shirt design or designs and drop it off at our merchandise table – or scan and email to Higginsbeachtshirts@gmail.com. Your design should fit on an 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of paper. We will select a winning design to print on special t-shirts for the summer of 2019 – and there will be a prize for the winning design, as well as fame and celebrity status in the Higgins Beach community. All ages are welcome, and there is no limit on the number of designs you may enter in the contest. (Remember to include your name, telephone number and email address with your entry.)

We’re looking forward to seeing you around!

Higgins Beach Inn - Thank You


The owners and staff of the Higgins Beach Inn hosted a block party for residents and friends of Higgins Beach. The invitation was extended by Krysten Reilly, the new General Manager of the Higgins Beach Inn. This is the second year that they hosted this event. It was a glorious evening as the wind shifted and brought warm breezes from the southwest. There was plenty of food, wine, beer and good cheer as neighbors and friends reacquainted with each other after a difficult winter and cool spring. Live music was performed by Rob Babson and The Delta Knights Band. Photos of the event are on the Gallery page.

Silent Auction - Sandwich Night


The first event of the season was held Saturday evening at the Clubhouse. This was the eighth silent auction and the proceeds will go to Project GRACE. Steffi Cox from Project GRACE addressed the bidders on what the money raised means to the people in need, in our community. There were numerous items to bid on and the lucky winners went home with some wonderful gifts. There were gift certificates for local restaurants, shops, and a two night stay at the Higgins Beach Inn. Also several golf items including a golf lesson and several craft items were there for the bidding. It was also a sandwich night and Rodney laughton of the Breakers provided delicious sandwiches and the HBA provided wine for all who came. Photos of the event are on the Gallery page.

Weekly Bridge at the Clubhouse


There will be a weekly Monday bridge game at Higgins Beach again this summer. Starting June 25, 2018, and running through mid-September, play will take place every Monday at 1:00 at the Clubhouse.

You do not need to bring a partner. There will probably be a variety of skill levels, but this is not a game for experts. The game typically lasts about two hours, from 1 to 3 PM. An optional 15-minute lesson takes place at 12:45 pm on basic bridge topics.

Parking is free in front of the Clubhouse. Higgins Beach residents, renters and visitors are all welcome at any of these games, and there is no commitment and no charge.

For more information, call David Haskell, 21 Cliff Street, at (207) 885-9958 or email him at dfhbridge@aol.com.

Higgins Beach Open Golf 2018

Dates and locations of the 2018 Higgins Beach Golf tournment have been set. Details can be seen by clicking

Snowy Owl visits Higgins Beach

A Snowy Owl visited Higgins beach in February. According to the Audobon Society, A Snowy Owl is a large, powerful owl of the high Arctic tundra, colored for camouflage during northern winters. In summer it may be nomadic, concentrating and nesting where there are high populations of the small rodents called lemmings. At other times it takes a wide variety of prey, including birds as big as geese. During some winters, large numbers of Snowy Owls appear south of the Canadian border; those that stop in towns and cities invariably cause a stir and attract media attention. Which this one did with our Year Round residents. This one was perched on the roof of a house on Houghton St.
Their habitat consists of prairies, fields, marshes, beaches, dunes; in summer, arctic tundra. Breeds on tundra, from just north of treeline to the northernmost land. Prefers very open tundra, either in hilly country or wetter areas near coast. Winters in open country, including prairies, farmland, coastal marshes, beaches, large airports.


HBA urges you to bring your own coffee mug to reduce costs and help the environment

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There are many activities that the HBA organizes for our members. Most of the time it is the same people doing all the work. If you would like to help at any of our activities, contact a Board member or email us.

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